Joo Won Kim, L.Ac

Joo Won (Paul) Kim is licensed and credentialed to practice acupuncture in the state of California. He graduated in May 2009 from the renowned "School of Acupuncture South Baylo University and Oriental Medicine", with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. Previously, he practiced acupuncture and oriental herbology in his home country of Korea for many years. Specifically, he analyzed and modified traditional oriental medicine to fit modern western medicine. He is now applying this understanding to treat neurological problems such as sciatica and headaches. He also specializes in post-traumatic pain. These treatments always include the traditional way of Qi balancing. The human body is balanced by the Yin and Yang of Qi. So Qi balancing is very important in the preservation of optimum health both physically and mentally.

Paul Kim has a warm gentle approach to acupuncture and has the ability to individually tailor each treatment to the specific needs of each patient. He maintains the health and wellness of his patient's by educating them on mind-body-spirit connection by communicating the effects of the emotional and psychological stress on the body and how they manifest into illness. This well rounded approach to treatment allows the patient to awaken to their bodies' natural rhythms and allow the healing process to unfold.

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