Massage Therapist

Brenda Grajeda

Brenda is an experienced licensed massage therapist currently providing her therapeutic massage expertise at the chiropractic office of Dr. Stephen E. Orlow, D.C. She is certified in "Human Body Work", a method of deep tissue trigger point and lighter Swedish Massage technique. Her treatment approaches range from stress reduction/relaxation, and helping patients regain mobility in their problem areas.

Her mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance, and to enhance overall health and well being through massage. She is an Everest College graduate and has been certified by the California Massage Therapy Council since 2013.

Brenda has been getting excellent reviews with the patients of Dr. Orlow and Dr. Jimenez. Most insurances cover massage therapy to some degree. Call the office for us to check on your policy coverage. Optimize your health and see how good you can feel. Inquire today.